25 question tag – the japanese learner version

I’ve read this 21 tag question from hangukdrama and I feel like I am gonna do it in Japanese version.

1. Why Japanese?

At first, my mom bought me a Japanese fashion magazine(seventeen). It introduced me to the whole new world. I felt like OMG! this is what I am looking for. It became my first impression of Japanese. A month later, I went to Japan for a week and then decided to teach myself Japanese.

2 . dictionary?

I rarely use any specific dictionary (too bad). I normally ask Google everything I’m curios.

3. First website that you visit everyday?

Hangukdrama (and of course Facebook)

4. Best thing that happened to you? (related to learning Japanese)

Being able to talk with Japanese in my latest Japan trip. Asking for direction, asking salesperson about product’s detail , etc.

5. Ever regretted learning Japanese?

Never, I regretted only why I didn’t learn it earlier.

6. Most common feedback/question you get when you say you are learning Japanese?

Why learning Japanese since you’re going to study in US.  (Reason is just I love Japan =_=)

7. First Japanese food that comes to your mind?

Miso soup

8. Most overrated Japanese drama?


9. Most underrated Japanese drama?

Soredemo, Ikite Yuku

10.Latest milestone in learning Japanese?

sure, being able to communicate with Japanese ^^

11. Favorite Japanese word / phrase?

おいしそう (with Japanese accent)

12. Name 3 people (fictional / real) who motivate / influence your Japanese learning journey

Yuki Furukawa. I love him, that is.

Yo aoi, beautiful lady ^^

Melody Morita, a youtuber and MC, she is so beautiful with good accent of Japanese and English

13. Secret ambition / goal (relating to Japan)

spend the rest of my life in Japan…

14. I want to sound like _____ when I speak Japanese

Melody morita

15. Best compliment received (for Japanese)

Oh.. you’re so young to be in this level.

16. When is the last time you sat down and study Japanese?


17. Favorite textbook?

I love all including novel or anything about Japanese

18. Special people you met (online or otherwise) through Japanese?

One nice Japanese lady who picked me up for the park. She is super nice.

19. How has learning Japanese changed you / your life? 

A lot.

Maybe I work harder (I think this point was since I addicted to Korean actually)

Be more polite and change my facebook, gmail, music I listened to Japanese

20. Ever dream in Japanese?


21 Secret fear about learning Japanese?

I afraid that when I speak Japanese and the Japanese don’t understand me TT

22 favorite place in japan?

I love Kyoto and every small village. Traditional,quiet and peaceful.

23. Current Japanese book (or the last one) you read


24. One thing you want to try (related to Japanese)

can I put 2? wearing kimono and learning about tea ceremony (茶道)

25. Single best thing about learning Japanese?

Have time and mood to learn Japanese, That is the happiest moment ❤


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