My first Jlpt N3

Last week, I have done my first jlpt test. It is a language proficiency test like TOPIK for Korean and TOEFL for English.

At first, I felt really confident about my ability to pass N3. I think this level is suited to me (because my original plan is to take N2) I have prepared since new year but just do the study everyday only after having done with my Internship, a month before exam.

When I went to the test place, there were like millions of people, over 4000 people taking jlpt N1 to N3 here.  I came 30 minutes before test started. It was super hot that day.

For me, Kanji part was not much difficult. I can do most of them although some were exceeding my level. There should be in N2.

The vocabulary part was not bad. I understood the vocab and did pretty well EXCEPT the vocabulary usage part at the end of vocabulary section. I have never been able to do this part when I practiced and same here.. I never understand the word they give. So I random my answer TT.

I think maybe because when learning new vocabulary, I did not study much of example sentences. I was like Oh I know this word, I can guess the meaning and then I skipped. My bad habit hating look words up in dictionary too.

For grammar and reading. I think I did these 2 parts really well especially for reading. I love reading.

However, for listening, my concentration was gone. I am so tired at that time without knowing why.

I hope I pass. ^_^

It is time for N2 studying now.

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