In this blog series, Photolog , there will be more photos and less text. So please enjoy my photo album^^

This episode is about eating in Japan. I collect all of my favorite dish here !!

Let’s start with my forever favorite restaurant in Japan. It is called Hanamaru udon. I just found it in my latest trip. Of course! it sells Udon.


Basically, I am not an Udon lover. But udon here tasted really good with reasonable price. The food they offered was various. So you can order from traditional Udon to Salada (Salad) udon!!

Below is my first meal in my 4th time visiting Japan and I was in love with it. It is called wakame udon. Wakame is Japanese seaweed (I love seaweed so much)  There is around 4-500 Yen (4-5 dollar) with lots of Udon and Wakame. I ate this one in Tomita near my Toyoko Inn hotel.


I love the lady who worked here so much. Although she could not speak english (sure!, it was in super rural area) and my Japanese skill was very low at that time, she tried to speak easy Japanese and I was able to understand ^^

Though I ordered my dad’s wrong (My kanji skill was suck), she was willing to change into the correct one.


From my very last day in Tokyo, I found another brunch of this restaurant again near Jimbocho station. (This area has a lot of old and used books) I walked into this restaurant without thinking. Besides Wakame Udon, Salada (salad) udon is my number one favorite. The manager here is very nice. (I am not sure but I think he is the manager)

For Salada Udon, the ordering process is quite complicated. You have to pick a tray (don’t forget as me) and then choose fried staffs you want (You do not have to).Then order what you want to eat such as wakame Udon, salada Udon and tell them the seize: small, medium or large.

For salada Udon you have to select 3 things: veggie (half or full), Udon (1 or 2) and the salad dressing. You have to speak to them directly and of course, most of them don’t understand English….

You can watch how to order it here 

Still, I do recommend this restaurant. I’ve never thought that salad can go very well with Udon…. (and never eat Cold Udon for my entire life)

Next is fish dish 

Copy of DSC00197

Here is when I went to wakayama, one of the beautiful beach in japan. There is a fish market and has a restaurant upstairs. All of them were fish: Sashimi, Sushi, grill fish They are very fresh and the taste is beyond my expectation.

Ryokan dish

Copy of DSC00238

ryokan is a traditional Japanese style hotel. This meal served like 10 sets like this( of course not exactly like but all are beautiful). I was full since the 3th one. It made me feel very guilty when the waitress come to put my tray back and realized that I rarely eat it. In Japan, people are expected to not leave food in their dish right? But I am super full.

The taste of food in ryokan is not that good, especially if compared to the local restaurant. But we are here to appreciate the food’s art right?

My soba


In my latest trip, I ate lots of soba. But this restaurant was really nice and peaceful. It looks very Japanese that I firstly did not dare to get in (don’t know why)

This restaurant is in Matsumoto. This city is pretty old and quiet. so I think it is not difficult to find the place like this restaurant.


When the lady gave me a menu, I was like….how can I understand all of them since it was written in Japanese (and Kanji) without any picture. So she gave me a English menu which has only 2 pages.

Finally, I used a Japanese menu…


Next is Ramen.


This restaurant is called Hachiban ramen. Hachi means eight and ban means number. In china and maybe also Japan, they believe that eight is a good number, meaning infinity. (immortal)

Here is my first time realized that Cold ramen, the soup beside the big bowl was made from fish stock….I always thought it was from shoyu (salt)

I ate it in the station.

My very Japanese dish


Basically when my family and I went to Japan, we rarely ate in any expensive restaurant. Since we plan to visit Japan every year and we usually spend around around 10 days there, we had to save money.

I ate this one in Takayama. I think this city has pretty a lot of travelers. Most of the restaurant can speak English. The waitress in this restaurant can speak english very well.

Mine is Tofu dish, Love it so much. It was salty (for me because I eat very bland food) but it still tasted good おいしかったです!

My breakfast

Copy of DSC00385

Normally, I sleep in Toyoko Inn or super Hotel. So what can you expect at the BF? There are lots of business man crammed and eat their BF. But here I was in the 36 floor in some hotel in Osaka. The food was plenty althought I ate only this.


And you can view OSAKA in 360 degree. Of course the Osaka tower is in front of you.

(But I still love my Toyoko inn and super hotel, I love their ordinary food, Rice ball, Miso soup, nutto and salad.)

The meat

Copy of DSC00401

Kobe meat….Nothing to say. It melted in my mouse. But will I go again? Maybe not (I am a Pescetarian)

My fastfood


Haha. I never thought of coming to Japan and eat fast food (Mos burger don’t count) But that day was like I had no idea what to eat and stop by the pizza shop (local brand) And


There is buy one get one or something. It was really cheap. At first, I wasn’t not sure about is this true or not. But the boy there tried to explain it to me…..

I can’t remember his face now, But I know he was very cute >_<

Next Next Next Sweet is coming


I do love crape: chocolate, Banana, Matcha or whatever. But here in Nagano it was Soba crepe. It was more expensive than normal crape but it tasted good.


^^ Here is miso (soup) ice cream…..I don’t like it


Next is my sweet fish in matsumoto. Super delicious, I ate it in that soba restaurant.

My Ice cream

Copy of DSC00349I ate lots of matcha ice cream. But here is special from the price. You see? it is super cheap only 180 Yen


Japanese dessert look is good but don’t ask me for the taste……

My place for coffee


Nowhere better than siting in the central of Tokyo, Shibuya, watching people walking quickly with the best cup of Coffee

At first I want to keep less text but when seeing these photos, my unforgettable story was always coming.