(Eng) Memo of 2015 Thanksgiving


Just a diary to remind of 2015 Thanksgiving, and just want to write in english for no purpose.

It is a typical break that all students are waiting for in fall, Thanksgiving. It is a time for us to feel thankful to everything that allows us to be in the way we are. As usual, most American students go back home and international students go for a trip. As usual, I went nowhere but home.

The break started after I am done with my midterm, Physiology. That evening, my uncle-in-law took me to his home to pick up my winter clothes (sorry that I use your house as my storage so long). Then we went to Thai restaurant to order some Thai food and back to his friend’s house to eat dinner together.

It was not that obvious but I always learned some thing from them that for some group that you feel bias to (in either positive or negative way) there were an opposite site that you can learn from. And now I felt so happy that I got my clothes and Thai novel bookssssss (10 books to be exact)


Wed: I went to gym in the morning and then grocery. With a new Thai novel in my hand, I was happy with my time sitting in the bus. It took me one hour from home to that grocery. That novel I had tried to complete it before but fail. Today, I could. It won some award and the theme was pretty strong and interesting.

In the evening, I went to one of our Thai friends (actually I call them brothers/sisters since they are all older than me). He cooked a Thai style chicken with rice and a soup. It is totally a Thai style Thanksgiving. How can you not have chicken on Thanksgiving? His house was in the mountain side of Berkeley. It was so pretty and even prettier since it was in the night and you’re surrounded with lovely friends whom you share the same language and culture. We did not do anything fancy today except eating the Crazy Alaska cake. It was so big and delicious that we (almost 10 people) ate it together and it was gone in less than 2 minutes.


It was my first time eating it by the way.

Thu: the real Thanksgiving.

we did grocery shopping in the morning. I felt a little bit bad that I did not cook anything for them but looking at my ability, I could not. (only thing I can do is to peel the mango, sorry). I could not remember exactly what I did on that day. It was such a fun, long day. I played some game and met some friends (most of them were the same as Wednesday).

Someone talked about love, marriage etc. It was fun to know, especially from men’s viewpoint about why men love to flirt other girl when he is already in relationship. haha


Friday: Bike day in SF

I went biking in SF with 3 friends. We started from Pier 39, crossed Golden gate bridge, enjoyed the beautiful of Sausalito and took the ferry back. The weather was perfect. One friend share some of his story (thought?) to me. (actually so do other two). I learned a lot from them. I felt like in our world, there is no right or wrong. Sometimes, I even felt that no good or bad. It is just because you look from a single view point, then you will perceive it is good or bad. Yet if you look from the whole perspective, as a whole, as a human being. (If they are not insane), I feel like each individual are born fair.

It is a kind of fun when you hear people talk about their viewpoint. I do not know I just love listening to people’s personal feeling, attitude, opinion toward a certain thing. Either positive or negative, it is fun to hear.

This is another reason why I study psychology. Not because I am interested in research in particular but it is just because it is one of other areas that allow me to listen to human’s story. Why they think, why they act in certain way, I do not know when this topic became my personal interest. People always wonder about the relationship between my previous major (communication) and psych, the one and only thing I love is to listen, read and learn about human’s story.


One thing that I came to learn recently was (as on my page), no matter how rich/poor you are, we  were all born mentally fair. Physically, we are not. People who are rich tend to eat better food, go to better school, had better life in general. However, when you look mentally. Money did not always bring happiness. You do not need to be rich to be happy (but you still need to work to gain money to have better life)

Sun: I went to SF to pick up my order. Surprisingly, I met one of my friend at bus stop and he is going to SF. Then we went together and had lunch, dimsum, with his brother. I felt like this is my first time after winter (or spring?) eating dimsum. SF was full of tourists, so lively.

I went to meditation again this evening. I could not believe that I went there continuously. Thanks for other people who keep coming, that gave me energy to come.

November is going away as December is coming. I still remember a moment at the beginning of this year. As one year passes, I saw some change in mine. I am mentally stronger. I could come over what I used to say that I hate (studying?, working?, math?, science?, answering phone?). I would write about story from this year again in next post.

Thanksgiving always reminds me that every single moment in my life, either normal or extraordinary, is beautiful and you should feel gratitude. It might be a normal day or a fancy day, you can find a meaningful moment in it.

It is not only for Thanksgiving but everyday. Until now, I still feel the same, gratitude. Thank everyone who comes into my life to share/give positive view and energy. I cannot think how lucky I am. No matter how big/tiny you gave it to me, for me, it is always meaningful.

Thank you for always being patient with me. I know sometime I am annoying/ stupid/ childish etc. but you guys never leave me back.

And normally, I do not share my personal story, diary online. I felt it is a kind of private thing and should be kept only in my space. But today I do because I want for “future me” to look back and read it. I know regardless of how old i am, I would still feel the same as I do today.

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